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5 imports, 3 remixes, 5 world premieres and one Super 77 Medley.

Program 4 contains new songs and exclusive Disconet remixes from around the world. Many of the songs are making their world premieres on this program, and your test reaction will be instrumental in leading to their release. Also, the Feedback Card for this program has a spot for you to vote for your favorite songs of 1979. Your votes will be used to compile the Disconet

Top Tune/1979 Medley on a program in the near future . so be sure to complete and return the feedback card. Thanks.

Old Time Melody / Teresa. Here is an excellent cut from Teresa’s forthcoming Salsoul LP. One of the beauties of this song is that it never really begins or ends. It just keeps on flowing. It’s probably playing all the time some place in space. Sandy Linzer, who gave the first Dr. Buzzard LP such class and energy, produced.

Shady Lady / Strutt Company. Allan „Here Comes That Sound Again“ Hawkshaw has produced an intrigueing, pop oriented vocal here. Before returning to Milano with his Christmas list complete, Valapucci worked for hours and hours extending breaks and intros, and by Murphy’s law, the timing came out exactly where it began at 4:56. But fear not, it’s a very smooth 5 minutes, and as Valapucci told us in somewhat broken English, you can make a song longer without adding any time to it. Coming on TK/Dash.

Let Me Blow You’re Whistle / Laura Greene. The same talented lady who sells millions of boxes of soap on TV and starred in „Putney Swope“ has a hot, hookful song on Sound Trek Records. Michael Colicchio wrote, produced and arranged. It’s fun, semi reggae, and moves. The 8:55 tracks were shortened to 5 with a new beginning that cooks faster particularly for the radio stations playing Disconet, and Victor Salupo at Sound Trek tells us that as this breaks from the northeast, most all pools should be serviced with the 12″.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side A runs 15:20, from 120 to 128.

Rock It Down / Brother Sister. Here is a smooth, very upbeat song with what we now believe to be an excellent groove. Randy Wilson produced for Dru Productions. DeWayne Lewis was associate producer, and Rebecca Dru was executive producer. DeWayne also provides the lead vocals. The 7:23 version on Shtup City Records was edited to about 5:30 for extra energy and flow. / American Gypsy. What a complete trip, with energy that keeps changing interspersed with the singing of angels. It will first appear on Philips in Holland, and then all over the world on various labels.

Comin‘ Home, Baby / Mascara. Jorg Evers‘ arrangement, and Jurgen S. Korduletsch’s production (along with Chris Hill, who also did the vocal arrangements) is impeccable as usual. It’s from the Ensign (England) LP which includes some other fine material.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Side B runs 17:09, from 133 to 139.

C’est La Vie (It’s No Life) / New Day. New Day is a trio from Seattle, Washington who put the rainy days to use making music. John Beach plays woodwinds and keyboards, Kenny Couleer is their classically trained lead vocalist (and also plays percussion and keyboards), and Bob Bruneau sings and plays everything. (Hmmmm!) Jack and Kim Robinson discovered and produced the group in Seattle, Jack added some additional percussion in Paris, and producer Mike Collier polished the tracks with some more music in London. Valapucci was in town doing his Christmas shopping, and extended the 3 minute single for you. It’s on Blaze/CBS (England) now with more areas coming.

It’s A Real Good Feeling / Peter Kent. This song should give your audience just what it says a good feeling. Smooth and upbeat, from EMI Electrola (Germany). Heir Steinhauer produced, with an LP coming. Enjoy.

Lover Love Me / Lipstique. Jurgen also produced this song, which he co wrote with Jorg. It’s on Lollipop (Germany) with other areas coming. The hook lines and rhythm patterns take on new interest every time they’re repeated.

SPECIAL NOTE TO DJs: Bonus Side 1 runs 16:02, 126 to 127.

Top Tune/1977 Medley/Automatom ’77. Here’s a special Disconet flashback, originally prepared by Tom Savarese almost two years ago. There are 19 songs on the 1977 medley which sound just fine today, especially the way Tom put them together. Many of the artists and producers (see the credit listing below) who made the dance floor really happen in 1977 will be doing it again in the 1980s.

There are several ways to make the medley work for you. You can use it in its entirety, of course. Many DJs have found special portions of this medley even more in tune with their particular audience, mixing into the entire version of a song that was extra hot in their club. The medley has a crisp beginning at 120 BPM, and ends with that fabulous „Magic Bird of Fire“ ending from the Salsoul Orchestra which lets you mix into just about anything.
Canada Goose Deutschland Outlet Expedition Parka Women Rot 4565L DJ NEWS Volume 3 Program 4